Message from the president

The company make you feel to contribute to a rich life, a life worth living
Regardless of lot, shape or difficulty … regardless, We will seek a company that is loved by customers.

Our company is a manufacturer to produce and sell the parts that responds to the order by machining. We produce the parts of the material of resin and metal mainly, but in order to get your relationship with customers broadly, it is treating the material type of a wide variety. In recent years, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry has become severely. As a result of we have to seek the added value, we are able to corresponding parts of policy fast delivery high-mix low-volume with a high degree of accuracy. So, we are constantly taken to enhance the improvement of internal technical level that incorporate young people, production facilities and test enquipment,
So far we work for the customers in Japan only, but we’ll do our best to meet the expectations of customers worldwide in the future.President Shigeru Okamura

Company Overview

Company name:Okamura Koki Inc.
Adress : 1-808-28 Arcadia,Yonezawa-shi,Yamagata 992-0119,Japan
TEL/FAX : TEL +81-238-27-0211 FAX +81-238-27-0233
Founded in : January 1948
Capital : 30 Million Yen
Number of employees : 40
President : Shigeru Okamura
Main banks : Yamagata Bank, Kanaike Branch
Yonezawa Shinkin Bank, Kita Branch


Blacksmithing as a career from generation to generation

Beginning the manufacture and sale of weaving machines(Discontinued in 1980)
“Okamur Foundry Inc.” was founded
Starting a precision parts manufacturing and sales as a cooperative factory
for Yonezawa Manufactory Ltd.
(It is the current NEC Personal Products Co.,Ltd)
Changed its name to ”Okamura Iron Works Inc.”
The present first manufacturing factory was under construction
Introduced the NC automatic lathe
Changed its name to “Okamura Koki Inc.”
The capital was increased to 30 million yen
The second manufacturing factory was under construction in the principal office
Shigeru Okamura was installed as the third-generation president
Acquirred certification of ISO14001
Changed its name to “Okamura Koki Co.,Ltd”
Headquarter factory relocated to Yonezawa City Arcadia industrial park