Productive Process

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High quality, fast delivery, small-lot, high-volume production

Gathering the skill and wisdom of everyone to establish a more effective production system that it is highly difficult but low cost and faster delivery.

Dealings Process

Contact Us

Welcome to contact us, we are waiting for your call or E-mail. Including the consultation, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Previous Arrangement

We will send an estimate based on customer's requirements or plans. And our sales staff will make more specific arrangements with you.

Start Trading

After exchanging a simple agreement, it is taken into production based on customer's requirement or plan.

3D Design Data

Creating a high-accuracy 3D data by combining the know-how of skilled technicians and 3D CAD. The 3D data which are provided by customers directly also can be processed, and it is compatible with all 3D formats. Then make the program using the 3DCAM.

Prototype Processing, Product Processing

Using the enterprise network,the data will be transferred to the machining center, and we will begin to process the parts. For production management and process are integrated, we can respond quickly.

Finishing and Delivery

After clearing the strict inspection, we will deliver the product packaging. We prepare a wide variety of inspection equipment.