#001 Parts for semiconductor

We have cut 108 square holes of 1.7 x 3.1 in a plate of 3.3 thickness.
The parts of right photo, since we use the end mill of 0.4 and 0.8 for R, and also need to cut square holes on both sides, processing time took 15 hours.To avoid the risk of breaking the blade or not, it was only us to take for this order,

#002 Socket parts for semiconductor test

Groove was dig up 10mm length 1.8mm depth at end mill Φ0.3mm.Since there was only 0.2mm wall between the grooves, and the Glass filled resin has poor workability, processing was difficult.
The hole drilling, and the positional accuracy of the hole obtained, roundness strictly,
we produced sorted things the best finish from the same number of cutlery lines.

#003 Auto part

This is the knob to operate the car navigation.It is injection molded products generally, but we produce it by machined aluminum in request from the luxury car maker who want to increase the texture.
It is very high demanding product that range to R of the vertices of the mountain, but it is finished beautiful in the whole.


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