Invincible all-titanium
Attacking the exhibition

Design: Okamura Koki Co., Ltd

A product born from the desire for improved cutting technology.

This titanium-made invincible monster can cut anything. It is the result of Okamura Machinery Corporation's engineers and their ongoing drive to create high-quality parts and improve their skills.

無敵のオールチタンオカゴジラ 頭
Head: Movable and 100% titanium!
無敵のオールチタンオカゴジラ 手
Arm: Of course, movable with detachable fingers!
無敵のオールチタンオカゴジラ ボディー
Body: Processed by a 5-axis composite lathe.
無敵のオールチタンオカゴジラ お尻
Hip made by 5-axis MC processing! The tail is processed by an automatic lathe!

Okamura Machinery Corporation is one of the 300 Manufacturing Companies selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Core technology for cutting


NC automatic lathe processing

We can mass produce round bars from φ2 to 38. One of our strengths is our ability to handle difficult-to-cut materials such as SUS316 and molybdenum steel.


NC lathe processing

We can handle high-hardness materials for infrastructure-related products used underground, in deep-sea, and in space, up to a maximum diameter of φ320.


MC processing (5-axis processing)

Our company introduced 5-axis MC relatively early and introduced the German Hamerai C30 in 2005, enabling us to consolidate processes and supply high-quality parts more quickly.


Okamura Koki: High quality, short delivery time, small lot, 3D data design, prototype processing, and mass production.

We harness the collective wisdom and skills of each employee to establish a more effective production system and respond to high-difficulty work with low cost and short delivery time. We accept inquiries by phone and email.


Job Openings for Full-Time Employees
Why not create cutting-edge products at Okamura Machinery?

We are recruiting students from industrial universities,
professionals, and mid-career hires from other industries.